10 Incredible Ways to Feel the Power of Listening To Music

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March 18, 2016
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May 30, 2016

listening to music

Undoubtedly, Listening To Music has the unique power to move us and stir our emotions. It places a profound effect on the emotions and the body.

Faster music let you feel more attentive and concentrated.

Upbeat music makes you feel more optimistic and positive about the life.

Slow music can definitely relax and soothe your mind.

Do you know how relaxing and soothing a music can be?

Well, the soothing power of music is magical. It has a unique link to our emotions and hence, acts as an effective stress relieving tool.

Listening to music can have an amazing relaxing effect on our entire body and mind, especially slow, quiet and classical music. It has a beneficial effect on physiological functions.

Music preference varies from person to person because only you can decide what you like and what type of music soothes you the most.

When you are stressed, listen to your favorite music. I tell you, my dear friends, it’s my personal experience, and this will definitely let you come out of your stress zone. Most of the people may think its waste of time, but as we know, productivity only upsurges where there is no stress.

To include music in your busy schedule, try to play CDs in the car, put the radio on while bathing or cooking. Soothing Music before bedtime helps to attain peace and relaxation and helps you to induce sleep.

Music is in use for more than hundred years to treat illness and establish harmony and balance between mind and body. But Recent Studies have tried to measure the potential benefits of the music.

What Do Research Say?

  • Various Music Forms can bring order and security to disabled and distressed children. It encourages coordination and communication to enhance the quality of life.
  • Listening to music on headphones minimizes stress and anxiety in patients before and after surgery.
  • Music helps to reduce both the sensation and anguish of both chronic pain and postoperative pain.
  • Listening to music relieve depression and increase self-esteem ratings in elderly people.
  • Music Therapy helps in reducing emotional distress and improves the quality of life in cancer patients.
  • Certain music is suitable for meditation as it helps the mind slow down and begins the relaxation response.

Music has the ability to swiftly shift our mood away from negative thoughts and fears.

You can’t Touch Music But Music Can Touch You!

Here, I will enlighten you with 10 incredible ways where you can use music in your daily life to experience a positive impact in your life.

#1. Begin Your Day – Rise With Music

begin your day mith music

Once you wake up in the morning, fill your room with divine and inspiring music. You can create a playlist or list of music that relaxes and motivates you. A positive morning music ritual is a wonderful way to begin your day in a superior mood and keep away your busy mind from pulling you back into the pool of worries of past, present or future.

#2. Daily Medicine — Sing With Music

Sing With Music

If you wish to take the benefits of listening to music to another level, you can try singing. Singing is one of the great ways to regulate your breathing and promote relaxation. And don’t worry; it’s not about your performance. So, it hardly matters how you sing. You can sing in the shower, kitchen or in the car. Just feel and enjoy the melody moving through you.

You can pick up the songs you like most and it will, of course, put you in a better mood, inspire you and relieve your stress.

#3. Stay away From Anxiety – Reprogram With Music

Reprogram With Music

Unluckily, our brain is built with the negative bias. Our brain consists of more neurons dedicated to response and process negative thoughts and stimuli than positive ones. We tend to hold negative thoughts for the longer period of time and repeat those more often, reinforcing those fear and anxiety producing vibrations. This is one of the key reasons; it becomes quite difficult to pull ourselves out of this situation.

Although it takes too much effort to assure the brain and feel normal, but do you know, music can help you to do so. One of the keys to breaking repeating negative thought patterns that provoke stress is to construct new and stronger positive thoughts. So, the soothing music and chanting mantra reprogram your brain and lead the way to your subconscious mind.

#4. Emotion in Motion – Move With Music

Move With Music

If you do morning walk daily, take music with you. A morning walk, jogging, yoga or stretching becomes easier and more enjoyable once you have music with you. It’s essential to choose music that works for you and this you know better than anyone else.

#5. Stuck in Traffic – Commute With Music

listening music in car

Whenever you stuck in traffic, you get stressed thinking that you might be late for your office, college or school. One thing is clear that you can’t make the time go slower or traffic move faster, so, getting stressed is no worthy at all. So, why not change your internal state of mind and relieve stress. You can shift your mood through listening to music.

#6. On The Job — Work With Music

music at office

Work environments are often stressful. Listening to inspiring music on breaks can help you to recharge your systems. Relaxing background music also helps you to overcome noisier work environments.

#7. At Restaurant—Meet with Music

music at restaurant

When choosing locations to dine, visit friends or hold meetings, always be aware of the sound environment, the type of music being played. Just like junk food that increases the stress level in our body, a poor sonic intake can do the same. A place with quieter music helps you to relax naturally.

#8. Relieve Stress-Dance With Music

dance with music

Dancing to the beats of the music is one of the incredible ways to lower down the stress level. This is the great way to receive all the benefits of the physical exercise as well as listening to music benefits.

#9. Active Listening—Tune in with Music

active music listening

There are different ways to listen to music. First, you can play it in the background and give attention to some other work or talk to someone and second, you can take out few minutes from your busy schedule and actively involved in the listening process. Active Listening to music will definitely have better positive outcomes.

#10. Happy Hour – Rest With Music

Rest With Music

Once you finally arrive home which is the happy hour. Instead of watching TV, checking your messages on the smartphone, try making music part of your happy hour. If there is a distraction at your home, you can lie with your headphone and play the soothing music that will relieve your stress of the day and let you experience the healing world of the sound.

After all, Music Is the Universal Language of Mankind…

 Music Gives Soul To The Universe

Wings to The Mind

Flight to the Imagination

& Life To Everything…

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