10 Most Beautiful Places Of India- Explore & Enjoy Before You Die

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May 30, 2016
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10 Most Beautiful Places Of India

Nature embraces the key to our appealing, intellectual, perceptive and spiritual satisfaction. It is an integral part of our lives and it is full of pleasing beauty all over the world.

Nature is a beauty of hidden paradise and has bestowed us with wonderful gifts. It is filled with the scenic landscape, splendid waterfalls, snowcapped peaks, lofty mountain range, adventurous spots & stunning deserts.

India is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. We must explore and experience the amazing beauty of nature which lies in these beautiful places of India.

The Beauty of Nature fascinates and captivates every soul. Enjoy and feel the heaven in these beautiful places of India at least once in your life.

After all, Heaven is over our feet as well over our heads.

Here, I’m listing 10 most beautiful places of India You must visit before you die.

#1. Yumthang Valley – Sikkim & Zero Point


Yumthang Valley is a beautiful valley covered by the Himalayan Mountains in North Sikkim. The height of this valley is 3,564 meters above sea level. It is popularly called as ‘Valley of Flowers’. If you visit Sikkim then along with Yumthang Valley, don’t miss to visit Lachung and Zero Point. You will get here wonderful views of Snow Mountains and rivers anywhere else. Lachung and Yumthang are the two most pleasing places in the whole of Sikkim and had even compared to beautiful valleys of the Switzerland.

It also offers the view of an exquisite array of peaks with Pauhunri and Shundu Tsenpa. Large number hot springs are dispersed in the valley that offers a chance to feel the warmth of the water even in freezing temperature. The springs contain abundant amount of sulfur and that is believed to have a miraculous healing power.

The best time to visit Yumthang valley is from late February to mid-June when thousands of colorful flower are in full bloom. However, to enjoy a clear sky and bright view of snow-capped mountains, the September – December season is the ideal time.

#2. Tea Garden Hills of Munnar

Tea hills Mannar

Munnar in Kerala is an ultimate getaway for those who want to enjoy some candid, lovely moments with nature. Munnar is located in the southwestern region of Kerela and covered fully with Tea plantations, A trip to Munnar will be incomplete without having a visit to these tea plantations.

Munnar is known for its beautiful tea estates. Make sure to taste the tea essence of Munnar before returning. You can also visit the beautiful resorts situated in Munnar and Sienna Village. Located on hills, and surrounded by vast mountains, Munnar becomes an ultimate place to enjoy the nature’s beauty.

#3. Nubra Valley, Ladakh

nubra valley hunder

Nubra Valley is a great, flat and extensive region located about 150 km north of Leh, the capital of Ladakh district. When river Shyok meets Nubra River, this beautiful valley is formed that separates the majestic Ladakh and Karakoram mountain ranges. The average height of the valley is about 10,000 feet above the sea level.

There are commonly three ways of transport to reach Nubra Valley:

By Air

Leh is the nearest airport. From Leh, one can hire a taxi or board a bus to reach Nubra Valley. Srinagar is also a good option to reach Diskit. Flights connect Srinagar with Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Jammu, Leh and Dubai.

By Train

Jammu is the closest railway station to reach Nubra Valley. You can hire a taxi or board a bus to reach Leh and then Diskit in Nubra valley.

By Road

Nubra can be reached by bus or jeep from Leh, about 150 km away. One has to cross Khardung La or K-Top and require inner line permit to enter. From Khalsar, one can go to Diskit and Hunder or to Sumur till Panamik.

#4. Andamans


The Andaman Islands are one of the world’s newest diving destinations. It is one of the fascinating places you had dreamed of visiting. The amazing beauty of Andaman is just mesmerizing and it is the place you will fall in love with.

It has 325 islands covering an area of 6,08km2, with the Andaman Sea to the east. There are various exciting reasons to visit Andamans. Some of them are :-

Reasons to visit Andamans

  • India’s first SeaPlane operates in Andamans
  • Turtle Nesting & Hatchling at Kalipur Beach
  • Stunning White Surf Waterfall
  • Asia’s best & World’s Seventh Best Beach, Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island
  • Conquer the fear of water with Scuba Diving in Andaman

You will be much delighted at the sites underwater.

#5. Exotic Beaches of Goa


Undoubtedly, Goa is one of the most ultimate places you can choose for your holidays or trips. You will find young, energetic and amazing nightlife here. Goa has everything you ever thought of to make your trip memorable.

The Beaches of Goa are indeed, the best among the Beaches in India. You can just say that “The Beaches Of Goa Are Paradise On Earth.”

Earth Delights to Feel Your Bare Feet & Wind Love to Play With Your hair…

#6. Nohkalikai Falls, Cherrapunji

Nohkalikai Falls

Nohkalikai Waterfalls has located 5 km from Cherrapunjee and is the fourth highest waterfall in the world. It falls from a height of 1,100 ft and is a great fascination of Cherrapunjee.

The ideal time to visit Nohkalikai is during the monsoon season when the falls are at its most spectacular. A viewing gallery let you enjoy the amazing beauty of the place. There are stairs, which take tourist down to various other viewing points.

#7. Stunning Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer

sand dunes

The Sand Dunes are the fantastic travel destination for visitors looking to have an adventurous trip.Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer are most eye-catching  at every step you will be offered a camel ride at a very smart price. You can enjoy the beautiful sunset around sand dunes.

The beautiful combination of sand Dunes and camels with the sun at background gives the most wonderful view you have ever seen. Kalbelia dancers usually perform on the sand dunes during sunset. This is the famous dance and of the main attractions of the Jaisalmer. As this dance being performed in open on Sand dunes so, it becomes more eye-catching on full moon days.

#8. Rajgir


Rajgir is the prominent Buddhist site in Bihar, India. It is one of the leading health & winter resorts of India, having warm water ponds. Ropeway is another attraction of Rajgir that took visitors uphill to Shanti Stupa.

Rajgir is well-known as the “House of the King”, is an important religious place for Hindus, Buddhists, and Jains. This prehistoric town has the reference in Mahabharata, Buddhist, and Jain texts.

The mysterious Sonbhandar Caves are among the most interesting monuments of Indian History located in the ancient capital city of Rajgir, the scenic town in Nalanda district of Bihar.

Other Places of Interest in Rajgir are Amaravana (Jivaka’s Mango Garden), The Cyclopean Wall, Griddhakuta (Vulture’s Peak) & Jain Temples

#9. Stock Range, Ladakh

stock ranges ladakh

 Trekking in Ladakh can be a memorable experience to be cherished for a lifetime. Stock Kangri, the highest peak in the Stock range of mountains is the highest trekking peak in India.

The specific feature of this lovely area is the wonderful rock formations pointing skyward in orange, purplish and green colors that are formed from strongly furrowed layers of deposits. At the summit, one can get the royal view of the Saser Kangri in the Karakoram Range, Kang Yatse, and Nun Kun.

The best time to visit Stock is between May and September as at this time the top of the peak is snow-free. The routes remain closed after November due to heavy snowfall. Generally, it’s s a 8 to 10-day trek to the summit.

#10. Backwaters of Kerela

Kerela Backwaters

Kerela Backwaters are one of the unique attractions in Kerela, a chain of canals extending about 1500kms, with a network of 44 rivers, lakes and lagoons. The traditional cargo boat was known as “Kettuvallam ” is just amazing.They are 70- to 100 feet long and 50- to 20 feet wide. Backwaters in Kerala form an inherent part of life. Just get ready to explore the fascinating beauty of the Kerala backwaters.

So, don’t miss to find the amazing beauty of nature everywhere. Take a tour to experience the moments of pleasure when you are with nature in different sites.

Behold the miracle of the earth with all the excitement inside you.


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