Amazing Facts About Babies You Don’t Know

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Amazing Facts About Babies You Don’t Know


Amazing facts about baby

No doubt, babies are beautiful gift of god, a mother can cherish it forever. Newborns have amazing set of qualities   and skills, I bet most of you are still not aware of. Well, let’s not take more time to make you more anxious, just go   through the post to know some amazing and weird facts about your baby.

  1. No Kneecaps:

 Yes, you read it right. Newborns are born without kneecaps. Babies have cartilage like structure that looks like     kneecaps. These cartilage develop to form kneecap once the baby becomes 6 months old.

  1. New Born Babies Do Not Cry:

baby crying

Newborn babies don’t cry. They howl and scream for their various needs. They don’t shed tears for about three weeks, as their tear ducts are in the developmental stage. Moisture is produced to keep the eyes healthy, but tears are not shed for several weeks.

  1. Babies Have 300 Bones:

Newborns have 300 bones. Later, bones fuse together in the growth process to makes it 206. The skull of the baby has several bones that overlap one another during the birth to help baby come out easily. Babies have very sensitive and soft spot on the head known as fontanelle.

  1. A Baby Has 10000 Taste Buds:

Babies have 3 X more taste buds as adults. The count is up to 10k. The taste buds starts appearing in the third trimester. The taste buds appears on tongue, back, roof and sides of the mouth. As the babies grow, these taste buds disappear.

  1. Baby Can Swallow And Breathe At The Same Time:

baby eating

You must be surprised to know that your baby can swallow and breathe simultaneously till they become 7 months old. And that’s why your baby continue sucking milk from bottle for too long duration. But they are unable to do that once they get cold.

Babies take much more breaths than an adult. The rate of breathing in baby is very fast. The breathing rate of baby is 40 times per minute which is almost 2 times higher than adults who breathe 15—20 times a minute.

Hope you like these amazing facts about babies. Share more in comments if you have any.

Nisha Navya
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