Travel Bangalore to Chennai by Car & Experience the Everlasting Joy

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Are you the one, dreaming to travel from Bangalore to Chennai by car?

Yes, I was one of them.

Travelling is my passion and my car ignite my passion. Travelling by my car is the best thing I can think of anywhere anytime.

 I just think when you become confident in your ability to do anything, you do just anything.

Finally, I finished off my exciting journey from Bangalore to Chennai by Car and just sharing the complete summary about the same.

I had been thinking of writing this review for a long time now. Not sure of how to go about it. Not that I did not have ideas. On the contrary, I had many ideas but I was not able to make a choice.

The distance between Chennai and Bangalore is approx. 340kms. There are 2 prominent routes between these 2 cities.

Route 1 which is a national highway is a part of the Golden Quadrilateral that connects the four metro cities. So this route is well maintained, easily accessible in case of emergency and decent traffic movement.

Route no. 2, is supposedly shorter as compared to Route 1. However, it’s half the width of Route 1. If you had asked me around 3 years back, I would have suggested this route rather than the first one.

So, what is it that has changed in the last 3 odd years? Here’s the answer.

The roads are now much broader and well-maintained.

The journey begins from Hosur road at the Silk board junction in Madiwala,
Bangalore. Until the time you cross electronic city (15 odd km from Silk Board), the journey is all but fast, thanks to the traffic.

The traffic eases out once the EC junction is crossed. From here till the border of Karnataka/Tamilnadu it takes only 20 minutes. Before you realise, you hit the industrial town of Hosur.

From here on, it’s a breeze. The stretch that I love the most in the Bangalore to Chennai route is from Hosur to Krishnagiri, which is a ghat section (not in the true sense, but relative). Its scenic and the best time to be driving on this stretch is in the early morning when the sun comes up on the horizon. From EC to Krishnagiri, it takes around an hour. (distance of 70 km).

Remember this is a toll road and there are 4 toll booths that one needs to cross (pay) to reach Chennai.

 The first toll is at Krishnagiri. Once you cross Krishnagiri, there is a deviation you need to take for Chennai (Don’t worry, there are signboards). From here on, it’s the plains and one can just zip across comfortably at high speeds (I remember touching 120 on my Alto 800, later I came down to 100 thanks to the stares from my family folks). The best part is that you would not want to take your foot off the gas pedal (accelerator), but at the same time, the landscape is too inviting not to stop. I remember stopping here and there to get a snapshot or two.

As you drive along, the small towns of Ambur, Vaniyambadi, Walajabad go past, until you reach the outskirts of Vellore. If you are tired and want to take a break, you would find the decent restaurant here to cool your heels off until they are ready to take on again. You might need to veer off the main highway and get into the city to find a decent restaurant.

Once past Vellore, comes Ranipet, where route no 1 and 2 merges. From here till Kanchipuram is where you can catch up on lost time. From Kanchipuram, the going gets a little slow till you reach Sriperumbudur and slower as u get to Poonamallee. Then here, you reached Chennai surrounded by the city traffic.

Welcome to Chennai!!!

In short, the NH7 is a great road to drive on. If you are driving nonstop at a constant speed of 100-110, you should be able to reach Chennai outskirts in less than 4.5 hr.

I can never forget the car journey where we left Bangalore at 5 AM and reached Chennai @ 11 AM with a break of half an hour only. It was really a wonderful experience.

Of course! I was tired, but I was at my ultimate destination and this feeling was enough to overcome my tiredness.

Summary (re-iterated):

Distance Between Bangalore to Chennai: 340 km
Time it takes: Anywhere between 5 to 6 hours with Average speed of 80 -100 km/hr
Best Time to Start: 5.30 AM if possible (latest by 6.15)
Meal Stops: Krishnagiri, Vellore or Kanchipuram

So, are you ready to travel from Bangalore to Chennai by car and experience the everlasting joy.

There is no perfect time to travel. Do it now….

Nisha Navya
Nisha Navya
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  1. Chandrani Ghosh says:

    Thank you for sharing the superb experience.As my sister resides in chennai, This experience is also going to help me a lot….. 🙂

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