Fight Off Negative Thinking With Positive Vibes

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March 2, 2016
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Fight Off Negative Thinking

Negative Thinking appears to be more dominant than positive thinking. It can put a shocking impact on all aspects of our lives. It is seen that positive thinking requires some effort to arrive whereas negative thinking arrives easily and often uninvited. Negative Thinking gradually becomes a habit of mind, carried from others.

Sometimes situations, under which you had been brought up, play a crucial role in building negative thoughts in your mind. Negative Thoughts makes you hopeless and keep you away from present moment. Negative thinking includes the words that you say and think and it also includes negative thoughts, and mentally replaying hopeless memories. Habitual negative thoughts carry with them a large amount of negative thoughts, capable of messing up your brain and nervous system.

The more you give in to negative thoughts, the stronger they become.


Negative Thinking is simply thinking about what you don’t want while positive thinking is thinking about what you do want in your life.

                            It’s not just a habit, it’s a terrible addiction.

Impact of Negative Thinking

  • Let you think about past failures, tribulations and Disasters–making you feel worse.
  • Let you think about the negative news you had seen, heard or read in the newspaper–adding negative value to your life.
  • Keep you stuck to the situation and doesn’t let you improve your life or your health– hindering you from achieving the success

How Can You Overcome Negative Thoughts?


Well, there are some wonderful ways to combat the negative thoughts. Let’s have a look on them.

Meditate Or Do Yoga

Meditation helps to focus on your thoughts and creates self-awareness. Yoga too helps you to relax and stay at your present situation instead of jumping to what could happen. It brings you back to the present—the only most important moment of your life. Close your eyes and breathe right and forget everything else except your breadth.

Associate Yourself  By Positive People

When you are surrounded by negative thoughts, talk to someone who can put things into right direction and won’t feed your negative thinking.

Help Someone

Helping someone can really let you feel relaxed. It drifts your focus away from you and let you feel better.



Smile is a great remedy to all the stress we are hovered with. There are so many benefits of smiling. Smile lowers down the stress and anxiety. Don’t forget that there is magic in your smile that can help you to overcome negative feelings.

Sing Your Thoughts

Do you know the secret about singing? Well, when we sing, we just show our inner feelings and this help to release stress.

Be Persistent


It is important, especially for those ones whose negative thoughts activities have become habitual. Make sure you continue writing down your negative thoughts and changing those to positive ones.

Take Right Diet

What do you think?

What exactly the right diet mean?

Well, you must be aware of it — what you eat, directly influences your mind and so your entire body. Choose your diet that contains fresh wholesome foods, fruits and vegetables. It will definitely keep you healthy physically and mentally. After all, a fresh mind always thinks positive.

Accept Yourself The Way You Are

The whole mess starts only when you start comparing yourself to others. Love yourself and it’s totally acceptable the way you are and others are. The moment you accept all this, you will start thinking positively.

Change Your Attitude

You must have heard the famous phrase—Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Apply this saying in your life too. The instant you change the way you perceive things, life will be simpler.


Some More Useful Tips to Overcome Negative Thoughts:

  • Identify & Write Down Each Negative Thought
  • Remember that no one is perfect and Move Forward
  • Change the Negative Thought to Positive
  • Try to Avoid Presumptions & Attempting To Mind Read
  • Read Inspiring Quotes & Stories
  • Find Reasons To smile More Often
  • Stop Blaming Others

Positive or constructive thoughts help you to overcome the obstacles of the life and effectively handle your day to day situations. Positive thoughts create a real value in your life and help you to build skills.

The power of positive thinking helps us to combat more easily with the daily hitches of the life. After all there is no greater pleasure than a healthy, positive life.

We set our entire world by the way we think. God has gifted us with the ability to lead a happier life by utilizing the power of positive thinking and Studies too revealed that people who participate in positive thinking lead more happier and successful lives than people who don’t.

So, the time is now, don’t overthink, just stay away from negative thoughts and welcome the positive thoughts in your precious life.

Positive Thoughts Generate Positive Feelings & Attract Positive Life Experiences…..

Change Your Thoughts

Nisha Navya
Nisha Navya
Nisha is a passionate blogger with fair experience in writing blogs, articles and press releases. She turns out her passion into blogs. She is determined to share the experience of various inspiring aspects of life and all health & Fitness Tips heading towards Healthy Lifestyle. She shares the best secrets for feeling great and living a healthy lifestyle without restricting yourself. Her positive attitude and outlook really shines through in her writing.

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