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interview tips

interview tips

Even the most qualified and smart job seekers need to prepare for a job interview. An Interview offers you the chance to show your skills and abilities. Job Interviews never seems to get easier even when you have faced a lot of interviews earlier. So, you need to invest some time prior to the interview to make it easier to handle, as there are no second chances to make a great First Impression.

Irrespective of other factors you need to also Polish Your Technique & Calm Your Nerves with these simple Interview Tips.

Here, I am Enlightening 8 Inspiring Interview Tips To Crack An Interview.

Basically, an Interview is divided into three segments:

  • What To Prepare Before An Interview
  • How To Dress Up For An Interview
  • How To Behave During An Interview

What To Prepare Before An Interview


#1. Conduct Research

Conduct Research & Get to know the Details about the Company for which you are being interviewed. The more you research, the better you can understand the requirements of the job, company’s profile, infrastructure, roles and responsibility. This will not only help you to answer interview question in a better way but also help you to ask insightful questions.

#2. Review Common Interview Questions and Prepare Responses

It is another key to interview success. Here you will get the list of common interview questions being asked in the interview.

(i) Tell Me About Yourself

It doesn’t mean you have to say a long story from childhood to present. Just mention the examples and points that make you the best. Highlight the moments from past when you were successful.

(ii) Why Should I Hire You?

Summarize your working experiences and talk about your roles and responsibilities in the previous industry and highlight your good qualities.

(iii) What Are Your Weaknesses?

Handle this dreaded question by minimizing your weaknesses and emphasizing your strengths. Stay away from personal qualities and focus on professional traits.

(iv) What Are Your Goals?

Talk about your short term goal rather than long term. For instance it’s better to say,” My instant goal is to get a job in a growth oriented company”.

(v) Why did you leave your Job?

If you had left your job, then cite reasons for leaving in positive context or If you are employed, Focus on what you prefer in your next job.

(vi) What Can You Do for Us That Others Can’t?

Summarize concisely about your experiences, skills and traits.

(vii) Are You a Team Player?

Saying Yes alone will not work. You have to cite some behavioral examples in support of your “Yes”.

A simple answer “I had opportunities in school, colleges and work to develop my skills as a team player.”

(viii) What is Your Expected Salary?

I am interested in finding a position that best fit my skills and interests. I am confident that you would offer me what is competitive in the current market.

(ix) Why Do You Want to Work For Us?

You have to show that you are sincerely interested in the job and will be motivated to perform if hired.

(x) What Qualities Do You Feel Successful Managers Should Have?

Leadership and Vision are two key words you have to focus on. Relate it with your personal experiences. You can also cite examples of a true leader you had seen in your life.

Interview Tips To Follow When Dressing Up & Hopping For Interview


#3. Dress For Success

  • Choose the dress that fits the organization and its culture, and try to go for the most professional appearance you can accomplish
  • Wear clean and pressed dress
  • Keep jewelry and makeup to minimum
  • Don’t smoke or eat right before the interview
  • Brush your teeth and use mouthwash
  • Use soothing perfume

#4. Reach On Time

It’s totally immoral to give excuses for arriving late for an interview. Endeavor to arrive 15 minutes earlier before your scheduled interview to complete the paperwork and allow yourself to relax. You can also have a quick look of the workplace if you arrive earlier.

#5. Make Your First Impression Noticeable to Everyone You Encounter

Be polite to everyone you meet on the interview day. Keep in Mind that First Impression always Counts.

First Few Seconds when you greet Your Interviewer can make or break an Interview.

Interview Tips To Follow During Interview

Interview Tips

#6. Be Authentic, Focused & Concise

  • Once the Interview begins, the key to success is the quality and the way you deliver responses.
  • Always be authentic to your responses.
  • Don’t forget that an interviewer always read your mind and telling lie can put you in trouble.
  • Always endeavor to keep your interview responses short and to the point. Do elaborate, when asked.

#7. Avoid Bad Habits & Show Right Body Language

Avoid habits like avoiding eye contact, looking distracted and displaying nervous tics.

Poor body language can be the reason not to hire you at worst. It includes:

  • Looking off the Distance
  • Playing With Pen
  • Brushing Back Hair
  • Touching Face
  • Chewing Gum


Effective forms of body language include:

  • Maintaining Eye Contact & Solid Posture
  • Smiling
  • Active listening
  • Nodding

#8. Ask Insightful Questions

Studies reveal that the interviewer also makes a judgment about the interviewee interest in the job if he/she asks some insightful questions.

List of few questions are summarized below:

  • What is the main thing the organization expects from its employees?
  • How do you build good relationships within teams?
  • How would you describe the company culture and management style?
  • What kinds of processes are in place to help me work collaboratively?

I hope these Interview tips will definitely help you to crack an interview. You can employ the aforementioned tips to win over your interviewer.

Job-Interview tips

All You Need to Prepare, Practice & Perform with Confidence.

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Nisha Navya
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