OnePlus 5T Got First rank in Fastest Charging Smartphones List

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December 5, 2017
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OnePlus 5T Got First rank in Fastest Charging Smartphones List

One plus 5T


one plus 5

With large number of smartphones flooded in the market, having similar levels of performance and hardware, it’s difficult to choose one best in price as well as battery performance. Here you will get the list of handsets that stand apart from rest when it comes to charging speeds.

The test recorded the battery life of each smartphone after 30 minutes and 60 minutes of charging. The handsets where turned on but the screens were off, and started with 0 percent battery.

The fastest smartphone was the excellent OnePlus 5T. Its 3300mAh battery was at 59 percent after 30 minutes and 93 percent- almost full in just an hour. The majority of users have voted it for “Best Smartphone for less” in the category of best of smartphone feature.

It may not be like smartphones from Google, Samsung or Apple. When it comes to battery charging times, LG’s recent V30 ranks on the top. It also has 330mAh battery like OnePlus 5T; one that get down to 53% after half an hour and 86 percent after an hour of charging.

Next are the iPhones, but they come with major limitations. The Android handsets were tested using their charging accessories, something that is not bundled with iPhone models. Owners of iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus, who want to use the feature need to buy a separate 29-watt power adaptor and USB to C-lightning cable that cost around $68 approx.

With the fast charging accessories, Apple’s handsets were comfortably ahead of the Pixel 2(2700mAh) and Note 8 (3300mAh) with the top performing iPhone X(2716mAh) that hits 50 % of its battery capacity in 30 minutes and 81 %after an hour. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were in fourth and fifth place respectively.

The lack of fast charging had hit the iPhone X. With standard charger it just reaches to 17 % after half an hour of charging and 37 % after half an hour of charging.

Eventually, this is a great win for the OnePlus 5T, specifically as it’s available at half the price of the iPhone X

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